Since 1993

The Mane Event Equine Therapy

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to make the world a happier place. Founded in February of 2018, we use trained miniature horses and some of their barnyard friends to bring joy and smiles to everyone we encounter. After the Taylor's retired in 2020, the company was transferred to the Zapletal and Loyer families. We have since relocated to Cumming on the WildeWood Farm, Inc. property and have expanded our offerings.

There are many ways that a person can benefit from an experience with animals. Spending time with a horse and other friendly animals can improve a person's happiness, especially for someone facing physical, mental, or emotional challenges. Horses have a quiet nature that can boost spirits, give confidence, provide a feeling of tranquility, and offer companionship for the lonely.


Horse Visits

Our miniature horses have been to hospitals, retirement homes and schools. We also do kid's fairs and expos.

Equine Assistive Learning

Today’s young people have more distractions than any generation before them due to the insurgence of technology. We need technology to thrive in the current world market and education system. Keeping technology in its place is a daunting task, especially for today’s young people. With depression, isolation due to the COVID 19 pandemic, suicide, and drug addiction at an all-time high, we must come together as a community to save our next generation. Our horses can help solve these issues.

Community Service

Our horses welcome supporting the community and participating in local events and organizations.