Please find answers to our most common questions below. If your question isn't answered, please contact us.

How long do you stay during a visit?

Each visit usually lasts about an hour.

What do you do during a visit?

We plan each visit with you beforehand and customize it to your particular needs.

Example: At some nursing homes we go from room to room allowing each resident to interact individually with a horse. At other nursing homes, we invite the residents into the activity room and will speak to the group as well as walk each horse from person to person, giving each person the opportunity to ask questions and pet the horses.

Why do you cancel a visit if it rains?

Our horses make visits when they are clean and dry, but when it rains it’s difficult to keep them that way.

How much does it cost? Could I schedule a visit for my child's birthday?

We are a non-profit charity organization and do not charge for visits. We will schedule visits for a birthday party for a donation and gas expenses.

How can I support The Mane Event Equine Therapy?

We welcome volunteers and donations. If you are interested in volunteering contact us. If you'd like to make a tax deductible donation click here.